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5 tips on better customer support in a startup

I try not to waste anyone’s time so this article focuses on how to upgrade the current way you are doing customer support in a startup that already has all the tech-related bells and whistles to manage the workflow.

For everyone else: you need to digitalize the workflow, provide multiple access points to the user and then simplify the process.

Let’s get back to us, scrum-ing, crumbling and then scrum-ing again in a startup.

Integrate them in beta testing

After adding the willing team members in the beta testing phase, or user acceptance testing (depending on your structure) the general understanding of what is going on is actually quite easier.

In return, you would get some real-time feedback on their expected customer pains and at the same time, these beta testers can help communicate to the team their understanding.

Same slack workplace

In one of our partners, we had an issue that one of their auth servers for a specific service were not responding. As we have our customer care team in one slack, they got the notification from one of our channels. After I went ahead and asked technical support for an update (because I am like that- some would say, self-starter, some others would say a pain in your lower bottom) — to the tech support team, the news had not reached in yet. They had to investigate.

Support is also called customer success

Additionally, maybe some part of the team can also be part of your project plan page so they can see how the epics are doing.

Get in their shoes

Their growth is your growth

As you grow, your developers grow, your data gets better and your product spectrum increases, so should your support team.


  1. Integrate
  2. Communicate
  3. Listen
  4. Understand
  5. Grow.

It’s 7pm on a Friday, I gotta get off work.

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