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The purpose of this “memoir” is to aid in your research to quantify and visualize the actual current models based on my experience as your favorite “guinea pig”.

As always I will not bore you with theory and specific methodologies, because there are better sources out there than me, but I will mostly focus on the practical side and how that relates.

Now obviously this is not focused on the contingency plans of working remotely because you cant work from the office anymore, as I am sure that you are already doing it, but mostly on actually making remote teamwork…

Preparing for a startup interview can be a bit unorthodox.

You do not know much about the company nor there is a specific history out there. Adding to that some of the job descriptions tend to be a bit out there.

Here are my tips as a hiring manager that is not an HR specialist.

Obligatory tl;dr at the end of this post.

Read between the job description lines

Recruitment for me has not always been a priority, especially since I used to work in such organizations where good and fancy CV’s were a dime a dozen.

Alternatively to big organizations, working in a startup means that you will need to get your hands dirty yourself and as no one is really looking at you so you will need to attract some cool CVs.

Now I am not a headhunter, so I will not bore you with the headhunting part of it as that is another thing.

Interview to hire

During these weird times, easy dips should be your favorite snack taking into account that they can be healthy and unhealthy at the same time.

I have been exploring different types of dips and in my humble and unprofessional opinion there are three main ones:

1. The outstanding homemade hummus dip

The homemade hummus image is taken from easy dinner ideas

The homemade hummus dip defines a delicious and amazing and very interesting vegan alternative. Of course, anyone can do simple hummus, because it is quite easy to be done as all you need is tahini, lemon juice, chickpeas, olive oil, and salt, but here are the tricks:

  1. Peel the chickpeas. Removal of that skin would…

I try not to waste anyone’s time so this article focuses on how to upgrade the current way you are doing customer support in a startup that already has all the tech-related bells and whistles to manage the workflow.

For everyone else: you need to digitalize the workflow, provide multiple access points to the user and then simplify the process.

Let’s get back to us, scrum-ing, crumbling and then scrum-ing again in a startup.

Integrate them in beta testing

One of the key problems that I have been having with the customer service team, is that when I provide them with the documentation, expected issues…

Coming from a consulting background, change management is one of the key services rendered to big corporations. The offering starts with implementing change, controlling it and then helping people adapt to change.

Continuing the trend of cold hard truths, this has nothing to do with the consultant’s approach to managing change, but it is mostly focused on the day to day issues that you have to deal with

Note: by writing this article, it does not mean that I have successfully managed to change the organization that I am working in, it just means that I have tried and failed…

About a year ago I switched from a corporate working environment to a startup one.

While deciding about the switch, I consulted our dearest internet about the positives, negatives, stories, the success cases, the failures, the flat hierarchy, the perks, the flexible hours, etc, etc. It all sounded so good-ish on paper, so I guess I would never know until I tried it, right?

I come from a consulting background, where life was wrapped around powerpoint presentations and spreadsheets. A miserable work-life balance featuring pressed shirts and ties. I can’t say that I hated it though. The impact on our…

You know the struggle of trying to be healthy out of a sudden but it is so freaking hard to actually understand and start somewhere. I know because I was there a while back (check out my first post). At that point you start researching, you get some knowledge and at the same time you need to start testing it out. One important factor about eating healthy is that everything takes time, you get demotivated and you are 30 seconds away from that cheeseburger.

Before you start any reading, beware that I am no professional and that I do not…

A cracked cheesecake — Something which any chef would be ashamed of — but it’s okay. It tasted so good. Source:

I was raised in a family where both parents cooked. Along these lines, Sundays at home consisted on grocery shopping and cooking something special for lunch. This went on until I graduated from high school and I had to move so I could continue the university. While I was always helping out in the kitchen, never I had the chance to actually properly cook for myself other than the special type of meals. …


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